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Age limits

We require identification from everyone who is getting pierced, even accompanied by a guardian. The guardian must also show identification. These are our age limits:


6 years (accompanied by guardian)- earlobe
15 years (accompanied by guardian)- ear, nose, eyebrow and navel
16 years- tongue and lip
18 years- nipple, bridge, surface,

genital, scalpeling, dermal punch, cutting and branding

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Since opening in 1998, Pinpoint Piercing has focused on maintaining a high standard in terms of hygiene, workmanship, jewelery quality and service. We have strict sterilization procedures and test our autoclaves (sterilizing machines) regularly. We only pierce with disposable needles, and use sterile, internally threaded or threadless jewelry made of titanium (Ti6Al4VELI), gold, niobium and glass.


For healed piercings, we have a large selection of jewelry titanium, gold, steel, niobium, glass, wood, stone, horn and more.


The staff has good training in anatomy and first aid, infection control, finishing and jewelery materials. Annual participation in international courses and conferences ensures that we stay up-to-date in the subject.


Pinpoint Piercing is approved by the local health authorities and Association of Professional Piercers.


For appointments call us at: 22 33 31 90

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