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About us

Pinpoint Piercing was started in 1998 by Knut Kvernvold and Runar Jensen. Christiane Løfblad took over in 2005, and she is the owner and operator today.


This is today's staff:


  • Christiane: Has pierced professionally in Norway, Denmark and Israel since 1994, and done scarification since 2002

  • Sala: Has pierced professionally in Spain, Sweden, Poland and the USA since 2003, and done scarification since 2007

  • Gladix: Has pierced professionally in Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden and France since 2004. Gladix is at Pinpoint periodically as a guest piercer

  • MaBi: Assistant general manager

  • Cecilie: Receptionist and SoMe manager

  • Nora: Receptionist


The staff has undergone training in first aid and BHL, a basic course in disinfection and sterilization at Rikshospitalet, and regularly participates in APP and BMXnet's international conferences with courses in, among other things:


  • anatomy

  • blood-borne pathogenic organisms

  • prevention of infections

  • sterilization

  • jewelery materials and design

  • finishing

  • scarring

  • studio set-up

  • sterilization

  • stretching

  • basic technique

  • aseptic technique

  • ethics and customer care

  • surface piercing

  • piercing anthropology


And at APTPI's congress with the following courses:


  • cleaning and sterilization of equipment

  • sterile technique

  • freehand technique





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