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Appointment booking

We rely on appointment bookings at Pinpoint. This also applies to stretching, follow-up checks, changing jewelery and consultations. You can book an appointment by calling us (22 33 31 90) or by turning up at the studio. Let us know everything you want done so that enough time is set aside for you, and remember to let us know if you want a specific piercer. 


Obligation of identification

We have an obligation to show identification when you want to get pierced. This also applies if you have had a piercing with us before, and if you are accompanied by a guardian (with the exception of children who are going to have their ears pierced). Valid identification is a passport, driving license and bank card.


Eat in advance

A normal blood sugar level will make the piercing experience more pleasant, and will reduce the chance of you feeling dizzy afterwards.


Be clean

A piercing that will heal is dependent on clean surroundings, and this starts with you showering freshly when you are going to be pierced.


Be sober

We will not pierce you if you are under the influence of alcohol or anything else that may affect your judgment and/or bleeding.


Be flexible

Not all piercings are suitable for everyone, be prepared that your anatomy is not suitable for what you had in mind. In some cases we can come up with alternatives, but it is also perfectly fine not to pierce yourself even if you have made an appointment.

Before you get pierced at Pinpoint

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