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Do I get a discount if I get several piercings at once?

Yes, we give a discount on the piercing price when one person gets several piercings during the same appointment.


I turn (the age limit) later this year, is it okay if I get pierced now?

No, you must have already had your birthday to be old enough for the age limit, also accompanied by a guardian (ear flaps excluded).


Can I bring a friend with me?
For reasons of infection control due to the pandemic, we want you to come to your class alone. This is for both your health and ours, as we do not have such large premises.
If for some reason the piercer does not want outsiders in the room, please respect this.


Can I bring my dog?

No, unfortunately we do not allow animals on our premises for hygienic reasons.


Will I get anesthesia?

No, it is not necessary. A piercing that is performed correctly is usually over within a few seconds, and most people perceive it to be less painful than expected.

The only cases in which we suggest using Emlakrem are on children who are going to have their ears pierced. We have pierced many children without anesthetic as well, it usually works well. But if you want to use Emla, you should buy cream and not patch, apply a thick layer on both the front and back of the earlobe about 1.5 hours before the appointment, and top up with cream approx. every twenty minutes. It is not necessary to use the supplied plastic cover.


When can I bathe after getting pierced?

It varies slightly depending on the location, as some heal faster than others, but in general you should wait at least one month before swimming in salt or fresh water, and preferably 6-8 weeks in chlorinated water. Locations such as the navel, nipple and some surface and microdermal locations are easy to cover with a waterproof patch that you can buy at the pharmacy.

Even after these 4-8 weeks, it is recommended to rinse the piercing in running water after bathing.


When can I sunbathe?

The piercing should preferably be protected from excessive sunbathing for the first month. You should also avoid getting sunscreen on the wound while the piercing is healing, so in some cases you should cover the area to avoid getting sunburned.

I am/have within the last 6 months been on tetracycline/isotretinoin preparations, can I get pierced then?
Your skin will be very fragile for a long time after treatment, and a piercing will have great difficulty healing, if it will heal at all.
We therefore ask you to wait to get pierced until at least 6 months have passed after the end of the course.

I'm on antibiotics, is it safe to get pierced then?
No, your body has enough to work with the antibiotic treatment and it is not a good idea to pierce yourself then. If you have questions or have recently finished a course, send us an email!


Why can't I get a ring put in my lip, eyebrow, nose, tragus etc. when I get pierced with you?

At Pinpoint, we are concerned that your piercing should have the best conditions to heal quickly and without complications. In many cases, the ring provides an unnecessary amount of movement, puts pressure on the tissue and more easily draws bacteria into the piercing. Therefore, we have chosen to only pierce with a barbell/labret in a number of locations.


What do I do if I get an infection in my piercing?

If you are unable to come to us so that we can assess the problem, you should contact a doctor. It is not always the best thing to remove the jewelry without getting medical help.


How soon can I take the jewelery out for work, training etc.?

This is very individual, but as a general rule the piercing should have fully healed for at least one year before it can be taken out for a longer period of time. The channel shrinks quickly and it can be difficult to get the jewelery back in. For many piercing locations, there are retainers which are discreet pieces of jewelery designed to keep the piercing open without being particularly visible. Contact us and we can provide more information about these.


Can you pierce a protruding navel?

This is very individual, and we have to see and feel the navel to give a proper answer to this.


I'm thinking of having a friend pierce me, as she's had an industrial piercing on one before, and it's much cheaper to do it at home. Can you then just clean with pyricept after the piercing? Do you have any tips?

The best tip I have for you is to get pierced at a professional studio. Then you get what you pay for; a correctly performed piercing with a piece of jewelry made of material and design that is safe for your body to grow with, good aftercare advice, as well as the possibility of follow-up on this will be required. The price of a piercing includes not only jewelry, consumables and the time it takes to do the piercing, but also the expertise the piercer has acquired through years of apprenticeship, and to take courses and seminars for further development.

If you call a plumber and ask for advice on installing a membrane even because it's cheaper than hiring a professional, you'll be notified that it';s something a professional must do, otherwise it may have big consequences. The same of course applies to piercings. Therefore we do not issue tips on how to pierce at home.


How far can I stretch the earlobe before it grows back to normal size again?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to how big you can stretch for the piercing to shrink back to "normal" size. This
depends on skin type (just look at how some people get lots of loose skin after pregnancy, while others have a completely flat stomach), and how you walk forward when you stretch. Stretching often and a lot at a time will in de most cases make the hole not contract as much.


I have had a blowout on my earlobe, what should I do?

In many blowout cases, the scar tissue can be reduced considerably with daily massage with oil rich in vitamin E (e.g. wheat germ), and by putting in
the jewelery from a different side than what you usually do. Blowout mostly always comes from having pushed in an excessively large piece of jewelery (usually from
front) so the canal has twisted out (on the back) and become a (semi)permanent scarring. If you insert the jewelery from the back each
today you often get it rolled in correctly. Massage with oil will soften the tissue and increase blood flow which breaks down the scar tissue faster.


I've had my --- piercing for many years, is there anything special I should think about when I want to take it out?

As long as the piercing is not inflamed or shows other signs of complications, simply remove the jewelry. The piercing will shrink, but in most cases the hole will not heal. All over where we have skin, sebum forms, and in healed piercings it stays inside the hole. When you squeeze the piercing, a small white (and smelly) "worm" may come out. This is completely normal.




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