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  When you cut simple lines with a scalpel, the technique is called "cutting". When skin is also removed it is called "removal". The surface heals in 3-5 weeks and must be kept clean to avoid infection. We do not recommend scrubbing the wound as this can cause an uneven scar.


  Ink rubbing means cutting with a scalpel and then rubbing pigment (usually tattoo ink) into the wound. We mostly use red tones, but in theory any color can be used. You have to expect that not all the color will stay in the skin, not all types of motifs are suitable for this technique.


  When you burn a pattern into the skin, this is called "branding". A distinction is made between "strike branding", where pieces of metal are heated with a blowtorch and pressed against the skin, and electrobranding, where you use adiathermia apparatus which burns with electricity. This technique allows less detail than cutting/removal.


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